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College Participates in National Consortium

Monday, July 23, 2018   (0 Comments)
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President Belinda S. Miles has joined the Board of Directors of COMBASE, a national consortium of leading community and technical colleges dedicated to sharing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the nation’s rapidly changing economy. She will serve in the capacity of Director-at-large for COMBASE (an abbreviation for “community-based” colleges). In 1974, when COMBASE was established, a high school education was enough for most Americans to obtain a middle-class job. Today, everyone recognizes the importance of education and training beyond high school, to be college and career ready and ultimately attain a good job and a living wage. America has turned to its community colleges to deliver what both students and employers need, with new and innovative programs that leverage partnerships throughout the community and the nation. For more than forty years, through its programs and publications, COMBASE has ensured that  innovative programs in education are promoted and replicated.