Viking Valentine Stories
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Who is your Viking Valentine? Did you meet your spouse here at Westchester Community College or perhaps you met later as alumni of WCC. Viking Valentine is a celebration of the spouses who attended Westchester Community College. 

These are stories shared by some of our Westchester Community College Viking Valentines. We hope you enjoy their stories.

If you and your spouse are alumni of WCC and would like to share your own story, you can do so by visiting


Catherine (McKenna) '69 & Paul Trapp '69
(Pictured below during a visit to Peru)

     Catherine and Paul were married following graduation on June 7, 1969. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer. After graduation from WCC they continued their studies in NYC and both graduated from Richmond College, a division of the City University of New York.
     They are both recently retired, Paul from IBM and Catherine from Motorola. Over the 50 years, they have had the good fortune of living a good life in FL and currently in Scottsdale, AZ.


Bill '71 & Brenda (Siegel) '70 Mehrten

(Pictured below December 1970 during their honeymoon in the Poconos)

Story shared by Bill Mehrten: Brenda Siegel (Class of 1970) and I met at Westchester in Psychology 101, Sept. 1969. One year later we entered marriage 101 on December 27th 1970.
After graduation Brenda attended SUNY Buffalo. After we married I transferred to UB and we both graduated in May 1972.
     Brenda had a wonderful 40 yr career as an Occupational Therapist and retired here in Salisbury from Rowan Regional Hospital 2012.
     After about a decade in sales I felt called to be a Christian minister. We moved from Albuquerque, NM to the Chicago area in 1986 where Brenda and I worked to put me through Moody Bible Institute. While I played "Mr. Mom" for our two children.
     After graduating in 1989 we moved to North Carolina where I have served as a Bible Teacher and Disciplinary pastor.
     We thank God for His Grace and His mercy over our 48 yr marriage. We sure needed Him! Add in the blessings of 6 grandchildren and a great church family and all the hard times seem as nothing.

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